Reasons Why Having A Dog Will Make Your Life Better






Sure, most of us love dogs. But did you know all of these benefits that comes along with our furry friends?

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As soon as I saw that first pic I was already convinced 

Dogs are the fucking best ok

I have PTSD, and rescuing Katie Beth has been the only thing that’s helped. Her loving me unconditionally, and laying her head on my lap when I’m upset automatically lifts my spirits. We’ve got such a strong bond. I really don’t know what I’d do without her.

There will not be a day of my life that I don’t own at least two dogs. Mans best friend doesn’t even begin to cover it

I have been waiting for this post. Maybe it’ll convince my gf. 
Pst baby pst. Ehem

My Zoie, no matter how much of a big, drooly palooka she is, knows when I get depressed.
She’ll climb on top of me and start licking my face and arms and hands and is just like: HUMAN. YOU CANT BE SAD! NO SAD! I KISS YOU! HUMAN! HUMAN I LOVE YOU! :D

She is a big ball of drool and unconditional love and I love her

One of my friends took in a dog that walked up to her during a yard sale. He acted scared a lot and it seemed like he had been abused so she convinced her mom to keep him and they named him Zeus. They took care of him really well and I got pretty close to him and eventually he became as happy as a dog could be. Taking care of him made me want to have kids of my own even more because it’d be so much fun. Dogs really are the best for everything.

i love my cat, whatever.

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purpule hair

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